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The nature in the city and its immediate environment is subjected to heavy test. Being places of concentration of the various industry, constructions, power engineering specialists, fleet of vehicles, the population, the city are sources of anthropogenous air pollutions, surface and underground water, soils, they can be assimilated to the volcanoes which are throwing up a huge number of gaseous, liquid and strong substances on own and surrounding territories. Let's give these characterizing volumes of these emissions and drains in conditionally city with the million population

buffer Zone of high economic activity including the cities located in it and agglomerations, have the ecological framework formed by green wedges and belts, water and park diameters for which creation the natural basis in the form of a hydrographic network, forms of a relief, natural green plantings is used.

And though in big cities as the main pollutant of air the motor transport acts, placement of large-scale industry considerably defines rather accurately expressed differentiation of a condition of city environment.

So because of irrational use of environment in climate of all planet there are sometimes irreversible changes, especially strongly they are shown in the largest centers of the industry, places of a congestion of various transport, heating systems – the cities. The microclimate in any large city has special character is a warming, increase of the content of harmful substances in air and water, etc.

In a sewer network and besides it the million city dumps annually to 350 million t of the polluted sewage, including storm and thawed snow from industrial platforms, city dumps, parking of motor transport. These drains contain about 36 thousand tons of the weighed substances, including phosphates - 24 thousand tons, nitrogen - 5 thousand tons, oil products - to, 5 thousand tons.