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Motive - one of the fundamental concepts used in sociology for the description and the analysis of the sphere of motivation of the individual to activity. Motivation to activity in general is connected with the potrebnostno-motivoatsionny sphere. It is known that requirements essence objective characteristics of the person as subject of consumption of the benefits necessary for its reproduction, functioning and development, social requirements.

In relation to management of economic activity for the first time of pro-chalk of motives and incentives it was put by Adam Smith who considered that people egoistical motives, constant and ineradicable aspiration of people to improve the financial position operate. But A. Smith considered motivation of businessmen and but not workers.

In sociology approach to labor stimulation consists in allocation and comparison, on the one hand, of system of incentives, with another - systems of motives and requirements on which satisfaction these incentives are directed.

Considering it, it is necessary to arrange not the person under work, and work under the person. So, if provide to the talented employee routine work, it will never not satisfy him and the increase to a salary will hardly change something. Fight against anti-incentives is possible in the following forms:

Feeling of participation. This feeling is inherent in each worker, he wants to feel the need of the organization. Here it is possible to carry: possession of information, consultations, joint decision-making and communication.