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Reflecting on metaphors and an anthropomorphism in the key offered by me, we will have to come to a conclusion about their non-participation in the main philosophy. The metaphysics is not the main basis of language or philosophy of science. It is only more or less successfully applicable to some problems of disclosure and transfer of concepts of that measure in what people find it useful to implementation of the intentions.

Rorti considers that I doubt possibility of representation of intellectual progress in a type of a literalization of metaphors. I already gave the objections of the concept of a literalization: I cannot imagine completely literalizovanny communication. He considers that thought history more likely history of self-creation of truth, than its opening, that is metaphor history. Kuhn says that intellectual and moral progress of society is possible thanks to new metaphors.

"Irritability", "sokratimost", "sensitivity" were key concepts of works Geller's background, the father of modern physiology — are very similar to those of Darwin, given above. It is possible to describe in similar terms all history of biology and especially physiology. How the concept of "congenital rhythm" which is completely recognized as modern physiology (in the annex to fibers-ritmvoditelyam sounds within a reductionism?

The majority of my knowledge of the antropomorfichna nature, and about the knowledge nature — are metaphoric also ideologichna in a search result of more and more exotic interrelations under a banner of "redefiniteness research".

Alfred Russell Wallace will be my second example. Many accuse him that it began to incline to spiritism and mysticism. But its views, progressive for the time, in philosophy of the nature, matter, consciousness are worthy any respect, only historically semiliterate people cannot understand it.

We mean not the eloquence inherent in style of Darwin, but consecutive representation of concept of natural selection which connects life with conditions of its existence, connects mankind with other beings and proves the thesis about historicity of life, consciousness and society. Really, if we agree with Whitehead what more fruitfully to accept the most important element of metaphysics concept of an organism, but not matter, force or a particle, the Darvinian theory can be considered as basic, deepest idea for all science and all society.

Thus, Darwin is not lonely; in a general sense, the problems lifted by its rhetoric lie in the heart of the scientific theory of knowledge. Actually, initial sense of the Greek expression which is nowadays used for designation of the concept "reason" — "the reason of life of things, the prime cause". It is known that Aristotle had four prime causes: matter, form, movement and purpose. All four reasons are necessary for interpretation of world around. The first of them — a material element to which at the expense of others the form, possibility of the movement, change is transferred; and also its purpose. Anthropomorphic elements that turned it into mechanistic outlook with the dominating concepts of a matter, the movement and number were removed from this organic scheme.